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Dinosaurs Revealed
The Journey

Join us on this fascinating journey back to prehistoric time. A time when dinosaurs ruled and roamed the earth. A time when the world as we know it was being violently and radically transformed . . . forever!

Travel back 252 million years as we reveal dinosaurs that inhabited what is now North America. You will dig deep into life during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Your hands-on trek will bring you face-to-face with 26 life-size dinosaurs. See them move, hear them roar and experience their complexity and vast diversity. Examine two massive full body skeletons, dozens of real fossils and get hands-on digging for new evidence. But that’s only the beginning . . .

Kids at the exhibit
The Experience

Learn about the very latest dinosaur discoveries and hear from scientists who will change the way you’ve always thought about these remarkable creatures.

Walk through the most prolific North American dinosaur dig sites and learn what it takes to reveal and recover fossilized remains. Meet real dinosaur hunters who’ve led real expeditions as you spend some time in the Paleontologist Hangout. And interact with a 3D augmented reality volcano, dinosaur tracks, puzzles and more.

This adventure promises to educate, fascinate and excite imaginations of every age. And to think this prehistoric drama played out in our own backyards!

Dinosaurs Revealed
The Life-Long Fascination

Even as science refines dinosaur knowledge, including details as to the positions of their nostrils to aspects as perplexing as the color of their feathers – there is so much more yet to discover.

The remains of dinosaurs have been surfacing for millennia, and those who’ve come across them have felt compelled to come up with some explanation for their ruins. In an interesting juxtaposition, we place our own existence in context by studying the evolution, extinction, and survival cycles of nature. And no creatures amplify this magnificent reality quite like the dinosaurs.

Thus, we dig, discover, study, discuss and fill in missing chapters. We piece together the smallest and most fragile fragments of fossilized history and reveal absolutely stunning creatures and circumstances. The fascination never ends and now you can be a part of it at Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America . . . only at Union Station!


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